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    I believe that the radial artery should be the first choice in accessing an artery in the wrist. Hemostasis is less of an issue compared with the ulnar, and there is no adjacent nerve running parallel to it. With that said, I use the ulnar artery in approximately ...

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    I am doing a case series on ulnar access as i am doing a lot of radials and ulnars since 2010 ------Original Message------ Ulnar artery is probably second choice in forearm with radial being first all things considered. Would use ulnar first if the ...

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    I routinely palpate both radial and ulnar arteries and if the ulnar is more palpable, I would attempt the ulnar first. There are many advantages to the ulnar artery: often it's larger (less spasm and reduced artery occlusion), has a straighter course ...

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