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    Hello Dr. Quintana, Thank you for your inquiry. When you use the SCAIMember coupon, the system gives you a cost of $1500. This is the discount rate compared to the nonmember rate. This discount rate is also the same as the ACC Member rate. The SCAI discount ...

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    I tried purchasing CAthSAP using the SCAIMember coupon and it didn't work.  The bill was $1500....what do I need to do to get the discount rate. thank you! Hugo A Quintana, MD ------------------------------ Hugo Quintana M.D. Southern Mississippi Heart ...

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    Studying for the IC Boards? Save on CathSAP! Here's how to get the discount: 1. Go to ACC.org/CathSAP and log in to your account 2. Add the CathSAP product to your cart 3. At checkout, insert one the following discount codes: For ...

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