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    There is a very large variation in this.  I have worked with anywhere from 2 member to 5 member teams (nurse or techs). It also depend upon what resources you are able to draw upon quickly in the setting of problems arising. i.e. a 2 person team + the ...

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    staffing for stemi

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    I have worked at hospitals with both 4 AND 3 and as an interventionist,i would say 4 is better for patient safety and efficiency. Should it really be about the money when we treat STEMI's?

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    We use a four person team, an RN, 2 CVTs and an RT.  We do not have fellows so one tech scrubs, one circulates, one monitors and the nurse provides the sedation. ------------------------------ Laura Gonzales R.N. Sharp Grossmont Cath Lab 619 740-4866 ...

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