Quick Start Guide

Welcome to MySCAI, the online community for SCAI members. This is your place to connect, stay up-to-date, share best practices, and collaborate with your colleagues. Explore the community and build your MySCAI experience!

If you’re not sure where to begin, check out the video above for a brief overview of the community. We also have some suggestions below to help get you started. Click on a link to jump to more information. 

  1. Update your profile to add your photo and demographics
  2. Join relevant communities
  3. Ask or answer a question in a community discussion forum
  4. Connect with others via the Member Directory

Update Your Profile

Much of the value of MySCAI lies in the connections you’ll make with your colleagues. Updating your profile helps your peers put a face to a name within the digital community, and will let you know what others' backgrounds and specializations are. 

To add a photo and other demographics to your profile, select your profile icon and choose Profile from the menu. Update your photo by using the Actions drop-down under the photo or avatar and select Change Picture. To add other demographics, select the Add button in each section. To make changes to your listed contact details, click the pencil to edit. If you would like to change which details are publicly visible, access your privacy settings found on your profile page under My Account > Privacy Settings.

Join Communities

All SCAI members are automatically added to the Open Forum Community with an Open Forum Digest subscription. The Open Forum is a great place to ask the interventional cardiology community questions or browse others’ conversations and shared resources across a broad range of topics.

Feel free to browse other communities to see what others you'd like to join by navigating to Communities > All Communities and select Join to join those in which you have an interest. Upon joining, you’ll be able to indicate how you’d like to receive email updates from that community to stay abreast of conversations happening there. Once you’ve joined a community, you’ll be able to contribute to discussions and share files within it. 

You can learn to adjust notifications you receive on our FAQ page.

Explore All Communities

Ask or Answer a Question

Now that you’ve explored and joined communities, go ahead and ask your peers a question! Do want to know more about a technique or procedure, or maybe ask for guidance or best practice? Don’t be shy – post your question (after all, that’s the purpose of MySCAI)! 

To ask a question, select Participate > Post a Message, and select "post to community" to choose which community you'd like to post your message to. Keep in mind, the Open Forum is the best place to reach the entire member community. If your question is related to a specific interest community that you’ve joined, you might want to ask only that audience. Once you've selected which community your question will be sent to, enter a subject line and type your message. You can either post your question right away, or schedule it to send later. Once your message is sent, the question will appear in the community you chose, and you will receive real-time email notifications when others respond to your post.

Don't have a question? Maybe you have an answer! If you navigate to Browse > Discussion Posts you'll see what your peers are discussing. Select a thread subject to view the entire conversation, and feel free to share your thoughts on the topic by pressing the Reply button.

You can also tap the 'Recommend' button on posts you find especially helpful. Doing so lets the poster know you appreciate their contribution.

Ask a Question

Connect with Others

MySCAI is a great tool for building a professional network of peers who are also involved in the interventional cardiology community. Start by selecting the Directory tab to search for other members in MySCAI. You can search by first name, last name, company, or email address. Send them a contact request by selecting the 'Request Contact' button. 

Search the Directory