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    A risk score using seven factors can determine which patients after cryptogenic stroke or transient ischemic attack are at risk for atrial fibrillation. Read an article describing the study.  The study was published in Cardiology and can be accessed ...

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    Colleagues, This month I'd like to introduce you to @Andrew Klein,M.D   a member of our new class of  Emerging Leader Mentorship (ELM) program fellows. Dr. Klein was recommended by @Christopher White,M.D of the Ochsner Medical Center, who wrote this ...

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    Today, let me introduce you to George D. Dangas, MD, a  member of our 2017 Class of Master Interventionalists of SCAI (MSCAI).    @George Dangas,M.D., Ph.D  is a Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) and Surgery (Vascular) at the Icahn School of Medicine ...

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